Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pete The Cat

We love "Rocking in Our School Shoes" and looking for Pete all around our school.  We found Pete in some important places. 

Here is Pete at the gym. 

Pete goes to the cafeteria for lunch. 

Pete loves music,

and art!
Here's Pete checking out the library.  

Pete also likes to visit the computer Lab.

Our last stop was the main office and we found Pete hanging out with Dr.Patterson! 

Welcome to Kindergarten!

We had a fun and busy first week.  We are enjoying getting to know each other.  On our fist day, we read "Jitter Juice".  Then we had our own special jitter juice to take the butterflies out of our tummies! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Kindergarten is the place to be! After we asked Dr. Patterson in persuasive letters if we could have duck eggs, he said yes! We were so excited. First, Kindergarten had a meeting with Dr. Patterson  where we discussed the responsibilities of having duck eggs / baby ducks in our room. We took the "Feathered Friend Pledge" where we promised to read, to learn, to research, to take care, to contain our excitement and many other things! We knew that having these duck eggs was a REALLY big deal!

Then, we got our eggs! We took a good look at them and had some discussion about our eggs. 

Then we placed our eggs in the incubator. 

Our eggs are due to hatch on May 10th.  Check back to follow us on this amazing journey. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gingerbread Babies

Last week we enjoyed reading different versions of The Gingerbead Man.  Our favorite story was Jan Brett's, The Gingerbread Baby.  We made gingerbread babies too. The best part was eating them! 

Dads and Doughnuts